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Vessel Information

Vessel Information


Wadmacallit is a 57 foot custom Carolina boat. Cruising at 27 knots it’s a quick and comfortable trip to the fishing grounds.

B&B boats are known for their superb stability and seaworthiness. She was build by charter captain Billy Maxwell and retired charter captain Buddy Cannady. Buddy (BC) was one of the front runners in the famous Carolina boat design and apprenticed along side Omie Tillet, under Warren O'Neil.

Buddy and Bill not only have built many of the North Carolina charter boat fleet, but take pride in personally fishing the boat they themselves have built.

General Vessel Information

  • State of the art electronics
  • Safety gear including life raft
  • Open cockpit and helm with plenty of seating
  • Upgraded upholstery
  • Cockpit mezzanine seating
  • Kitchen with coffee pot, microwave, refrigerator and freezer
  • Full open salon
  • TV, DVD player, Stereo, satellite radio, speakers throughout whole vessel
  • Private stateroom
  • Full bathroom and shower
  • Custom teak fighting chair
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